Actavo Ireland Limited

Actavo Ireland Limited are based in Westland House, Mayo.

Address: Westland House, Westland Park, Willow Road, Dublin 12, Ireland


Main Contact: Contact at +353 1 4190900.


SEAI Approved: Yes

Actavo Ireland Limited

About Actavo Ireland Limited

Derived from the Latin word ‘actus’, symbolizing ‘action’, ‘behaviour’, and ‘performance’, Actavo Ireland Limited embodies a culture where every action taken daily contributes to the collective delivery for their clients. The company’s ethos is deeply rooted in values that emphasize mutual care, continuous improvement, and collaborative achievements.

Actavo Ireland Limited stands as a global strategic operations ally, providing a plethora of services across various sectors. With a legacy spanning over 50 years, its origins trace back to several businesses that unified in 2015 under the Actavo banner. Despite the diversity in their services, a consistent thread running through all their operations is an unwavering dedication to excellence. This commitment is fortified by stringent quality measures, a commendable safety record recognized by multiple awards, and an industry-leading customer experience.

With its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, Actavo Ireland Limited has a vast operational footprint. They have a presence not only throughout Ireland and the UK but also across 15 Caribbean countries and, more recently, the Middle East. Their expansive expertise enables them to function in over 100 locations simultaneously. The company’s seasoned teams and adaptable business model empower them to swiftly establish and expand in new global territories.

Actavo Ireland Limited is entrusted by global clients to conceptualize and implement infrastructure and support services across a myriad of sectors. Their services are categorized under distinct banners, including Network & In-Home, Industrial, Modular Buildings, and Events.

Main Services

– Network & In-Home

– Industrial

– Events

– Modular Buildings

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