Adam Pamplin Limited

Adam Pamplin Limited is based in Glendara, Kildare.

Address: M25 Glendara, Kill Kildare, W91 K6H7 Ireland


Main Contact: Contact at +353 86 605 9909.


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adam pamplin limited solar panel installers

About Adam Pamplin Limited

Adam Pamplin Limited stands at the forefront of solar PV panel innovation and expert installation. Their mission revolves around empowering clients to embrace a sustainable lifestyle by tapping into solar energy. With a rich legacy spanning over three decades in the sector, their team is unwavering in its dedication to enduring quality. Tailored solutions are a hallmark of their approach, ensuring each client’s distinct needs are met.

Esteemed for their top-tier services, Adam Pamplin Limited has carved a niche for itself as a trusted name in solar panel installations, a testament to their relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. Their three-decade-long journey in the industry equips them with unparalleled knowledge and expertise, ensuring every solar installation is a success.

Quality remains at the heart of their operations. By choosing only the finest materials and equipment, Adam Pamplin Limited guarantees solar systems that stand the test of time, allowing clients to reap the benefits of solar energy without concerns of system breakdowns.

Recognizing the unique energy requirements of each client, whether residential or commercial, they offer bespoke solutions, ensuring every solar installation aligns perfectly with individual energy needs.

Main Services

– Innovative Solar Panels

– Expert Installation

Adam Pamplin Limited Reviews

Speedy, efficient courteous service. The price was excellent and they arrived as promised on time and provided a slick installation. Adam always answered questions even at the quotation stage. Therefore can highly recommend him.

– Chris