Cue Power Ltd

Professional Residential and  Commercial Solar Panel and Electric Vehicle Charger installation services based in Belfield, Dublin.

Address: Unit 1 Clonskeagh Square, Belfield, Dublin 14, D14 W890.


Main Contact: Contact at +353 1 270 7828.


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Cue Power Ltd

About Cue Power Ltd

Cue Power Ltd is an Irish-owned enterprise, leading the nation in the realm of clean energy, with a specialization in solar panels and electric vehicle chargers. Established by experts from diverse sectors such as energy, engineering, electrical, construction, and automotive, their collective knowledge enables the crafting of solutions that significantly reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

Their mission, “Zero Carbon,” reflects a commitment to a greener and cleaner world, emphasizing the pivotal roles of solar energy and e-mobility in this endeavor. A primary objective for Cue Power Ltd is to make solar energy and e-mobility accessible and affordable to all.

They champion the idea that education is the key to instigating change. By demonstrating efficient and straightforward methods to conserve energy and decrease carbon footprints, they aim to inspire action. This ethos is reinforced by their product and service offerings, designed to enable their clientele to significantly reduce their environmental impact.

For Cue Power Ltd, the harmonious blend of environmental awareness and economic sensibility isn’t just a business strategy; it defines their very identity.

Main Services

– Installer of Solar Panel

– Electric Vehicle Chargers

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