Glas Energy

Glas Energy is based in Co. Kilkenny.

Address:  Inch Mills, Sion Road, Kilkenny, Ireland. R95PF8P.


Contact: Contact at +353 (0)86 818 1825.


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Glas Energy

About Glas Energy

Glas Energy stands as a paragon of renewable energy solutions in Ireland, with a robust track record that includes over 1000 solar installations and more than 100 biomass heating systems. Since its inception in 2002, Glas Energy has dedicated itself to delivering practical and sustainable energy solutions, becoming a trusted name in the renewable sector.

As a seasoned expert in biomass solutions, Glas Energy has executed a vast array of projects, ranging from individual domestic boilers to comprehensive district heating systems, serving a multitude of sectors. Their expertise encompasses all wood fuel types, including split-logs, wood chips, and wood pellets, ensuring a versatile approach to biomass energy.

Glas Energy’s partnership with world-renowned boiler manufacturers, including being Ireland’s strategic partner for HDG Bavaria, underscores their commitment to quality. HDG Bavaria is recognized for its ‘best in class’ biomass boilers that meet the highest international standards, aligning with Glas Energy’s ethos of durability and excellence.

The company’s installations are a testament to their longevity, with many reference sites operating successfully for over a decade. Understanding that a biomass boiler is a significant investment, Glas Energy emphasizes the importance of a trust-based client-supplier relationship that endures throughout the extensive lifespan of the plant.

For those considering a biomass system, Glas Energy offers not just a product, but a partnership grounded in trust, expertise, and a proven track record of sustainable energy solutions.

Main Services

– PV Solar Panel Installation

– Feasibility & Design

– Maintenance & Servicing

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