Greenway Solar and Robotics Ltd

Greenway Solar and Robotics Ltd is based in Co. Tipperary.

Address: Thurles, Co. Tipperary.


Main Contact: Contact at 086 8678877.


SEAI Approved: Yes

Greenway Solar and Robotics Ltd

About Greenway Solar and Robotics Ltd

Greenway Solar and Robotics Ltd champions a brighter future through cleaner energy solutions. They specialize in the installation of solar panels (PV) systems for various sectors including domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and educational institutions. Each system is meticulously designed by their engineers to fit the specific needs of the building, adhere to regulations, and cater to the client’s requirements. Their solutions not only reduce electricity bills but also offer battery storage and off-grid capabilities.

Beyond solar solutions, Greenway Solar and Robotics Ltd extends its expertise to the installation of EV charging points across the country. These chargers are tailored to the client’s needs and are equipped with smart settings designed to conserve energy. Once installed, the team ensures that the job is certified.

Additionally, they offer robot lawnmower installation services. Their experienced engineers assess the lawn to recommend a model that best suits its size and surface. After installation, they ensure the work is commissioned and certified, guaranteeing top-notch service for their clients.

Main Services

– Home EV Chargers

– Robotic Mowers

– Solar Panels Installation

– Infrared Heating

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