PV Energy Ireland

PV Energy Ireland is based in Co. Mayo.

Address: 10 Springvale, Cloonfad, Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo.

Website: https://www.pvenergyireland.ie/

Contact: Contact at
087 901 1067
064 668 6186 Munster Office
094 906 8088 Mayo Office
0818 919 860 Sales Team

john@pvenergyireland.ie or sales@pvenergyireland.ie

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PV Energy Ireland

About PV Energy Ireland

PV Energy Ireland positions itself as a leading renewable energy specialist, focusing on Solar PV installations for both domestic and commercial settings. At the core of their operations is the belief in the unparalleled environmental benefits of solar energy. They are well-equipped and qualified to harness this clean and green power source, bringing its advantages directly into Irish homes and businesses.

The company emphasizes that solar power is not only renewable and sustainable but also a non-polluting energy source. They advocate for solar PV (photovoltaic) panels as the most efficient method to capture solar energy, aligning with global efforts towards environmental conservation.

PV Energy Ireland is particularly focused on the long-term benefits of solar PV installations. They highlight that even the smallest Solar PV Energy Home System can make a significant impact, potentially saving over 40 tonnes of CO2 during its lifetime. This approach not only addresses environmental concerns but also offers a practical solution to inflation-proof future electricity costs. By reducing carbon footprints and embracing solar PV technology, PV Energy Ireland is committed to contributing to a more sustainable future, making them a key player in Ireland’s renewable energy sector.

Main Services

– Domestic PV Solar Panel Installations

– Commercial PV Solar Panel Installations

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