Sunstream Energy Ltd

Sunstream Energy Ltd is based in Co. Waterford.

Address: 45 Newtown Hill, Newtown, Tramore, Co. Waterford, X91 PD8W.


Contact: Contact at +353 (0)83 020 4327.


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Sunstream Energy Ltd

About Sunstream Energy Ltd

Sunstream Energy Ltd, established in 2005 by Gene Hourihane, a seasoned mechanical engineer, initially focused on renewable energy consultancy and small-scale wind energy projects. The company ventured into solar energy, installing its first commercial solar PV system in 2007 and its first residential system in 2009. Over the years, Sunstream Energy has expanded its expertise to include wind, solar thermal, and solar PV systems, with a recent focus on solar PV.

The company has successfully installed solar PV systems for residential, agricultural, and commercial clients, handling projects up to 100KW capacity. Known for its commitment to innovation, Sunstream Energy has introduced the Next2Sun “Solar Fence” and thermal storage system, particularly benefiting dairy farmers with significant energy savings. Their dedication to providing cutting-edge solar PV solutions ensures customer satisfaction and efficient energy use.

Main Services

– Provider of PV Solar Panels for Domestic/Commercial/Farm Installations

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Solar and Wind power generation experts.

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