Toolen PV

Toolen PV is based in Co. Cork.

Address: Cork.


Main Contact: Contact at 086 0553359.


SEAI Approved: Yes

Toolen PV

About Toolen PV

Toolen PV stands as a distinguished installer of PV panels, offering green electricity solutions for both homes and businesses. Their PV panels are designed to produce clean, CO2-free electricity, with the generated power primarily serving the client’s needs and any surplus being exported to the Grid. Their installation process is carried out by a team of trained professionals, including certified electricians, ensuring that all work meets the highest standards and is both certified and insured. Furthermore, Toolen PV is registered and approved for grants from entities such as SEAI, the Department of Agriculture, and LEADER.

With a rich history in the electrical and renewable energy sectors, Toolen PV champions the shift towards more sustainable energy technologies. They advocate for systems that not only cater to the needs of homeowners and businesses but also preserve the environment. Drawing a compelling comparison, they highlight that while the energy from a litre of petrol is finite, using that same energy to construct a wind turbine can yield power for countless years.

Main Services

– Solar Panel installation

– Design your system

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